Policy Usage Report

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes, Locally-managed Fireboxes

The Policy Usage report shows a list of policies, whether each policy was used, and how much traffic was handled by each policy in a selected time range.

This report is available when log messages with data for this report exist in the specified time frame. To make sure that your Firebox sends log messages required to generate this report, follow the steps to Enable Logging for this Report.

How to Use this Report

This report shows which policies the Firebox uses most, and can help you understand whether policies are functioning the way you expect.

Here are some ways to use this report:

  • Look at the Bytes and Hits statistics to identify policies that are used most.
  • Look at the Status column to see whether the policy was used or was deleted in teh selected time range.

View the Report

This report is available in WatchGuard Cloud and in Dimension.

The Policy Usage report includes a row for each policy in the Firebox configuration, and also shows statistics for internal Firebox policies. Each row includes this information:

Column Description
Name Name of the policy, as it appears in the log message
Bytes Amount of data in MB
Hits Number of hits
Status Status of the policy
This includes whether the policy was used and whether it was deleted

Enable Logging for this Report

Locally-managed Fireboxes automatically generate statistics about policy usage. No logging settings are required to enable logging for this report.

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