Monitor Live Status for Cloud-Managed Fireboxes

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes

This feature is only available to participants in the WatchGuard Cloud Beta program.

With WatchGuard Cloud you can monitor the live status and usage of your cloud-managed Fireboxes. When the Firebox is connected to cloud, you can use these pages to see live information on the traffic that passes through your Firebox:

Traffic Monitor

View real-time data on currently active connections and live logs. For more information, see Monitor Traffic on Cloud-Managed Fireboxes.


View information about the users that are authenticated to the cloud-managed Firebox and enable diagnostics. For more information, see Monitor Authentication on Cloud-Managed Fireboxes.


View information on ARP, DHCP, and the routes that are configured on your cloud-managed Firebox. For more information, see Monitor Networks on Cloud-Managed Fireboxes.


View connections allowed by Geolocation for each country. For more information, see Monitor Geolocation on Cloud-Managed Fireboxes.


View information about the Branch Office Virtual Private Networks (BOVPNs) and mobile VPNs configured for your Firebox. For more information, see Monitor VPNs on Cloud-Managed Fireboxes.

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