Live Status Reporting for Fireboxes and FireClusters

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes, Locally-managed Fireboxes

With WatchGuard Cloud you can monitor the live status and usage of your cloud-managed Fireboxes and locally-managed Fireboxes with cloud reporting.

Live status requires a minimum Fireware version. For information on minimum and recommended Fireware versions, see Fireware Requirements in the WatchGuard Cloud Release Notes.

When the Firebox is connected to cloud, you can use these pages to see live information on the traffic that passes through your Firebox:

Traffic Monitor

View real-time data on currently active connections and live logs. For more information, see Monitor Traffic on Fireboxes and FireClusters.


View information about the users that are authenticated to the Firebox and enable diagnostics. For more information, see Monitor Authentication on Fireboxes and FireClusters.


View information on ARP, DHCP, and the routes that are configured on your Firebox. For more information, see Monitor Networks on Fireboxes and FireClusters.


View connections allowed by Geolocation for each country. For more information, see Monitor Geolocation on Fireboxes and FireClusters.


View information about the Branch Office Virtual Private Networks (BOVPNs) and mobile VPNs configured for your Firebox. For more information, see Monitor VPNs on Fireboxes and FireClusters.

Diagnostic Tools

Run network diagnostic tasks (Ping, TCP Dump, and DNS Lookup) and download a diagnostic snapshot file. For more information, see Run Network Diagnostic Tasks in WatchGuard Cloud.

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