Product Evaluation Program


Frequently Asked Questions

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WatchGuard has selected a specific set of products for this evaluation program, including:

  • AP125
  • AP325
  • AP327X
  • AP420
  • AuthPoint
  • Firebox Cloud
  • Firebox M270
  • Firebox M370
  • Firebox M470
  • Firebox M570
  • Firebox M670
  • Firebox M4600
  • Firebox M5600
  • Firebox T15/15-W
  • Firebox T35/35-W
  • Firebox T35-R
  • Firebox T55/T55-W
  • Firebox T70
  • FireboxV

Yes. All WatchGuard appliances are configurable through feature keys. This allows the appliance to best fit you and your network's needs. The appliance ships with WatchGuard's Support offering and can be enhanced with subscription services including WebBlocker, Gateway AntiVirus, Intrusion Prevention Service, APT Blocker, Application Control, Data Loss Prevention, Reputation Enabled Defense, Network Discovery, and spamBlocker.

The appliances shipped for these evaluations are new or equivalent to new products. This is especially important if you choose to purchase, because you need not trade it at the end of your evaluation. Keep the product in your environment and enhance as necessary through feature key upgrades.

Within five business days you should receive an email or phone call from WatchGuard with the status of your application. If approved, you will receive subsequent emails notifying you of:

  • Scheduled ship date
  • Actual ship date, containing shipping details for tracking purposes
  • Any changes to the scheduled ship date prior to shipping

If for any reason you do not receive these emails, you may call or email us directly.

We highly encourage you to contact your preferred WatchGuard reseller. Let the reseller know that you are interested in this program and that you would like to work through them to apply for an evaluation appliance. If you have not purchased from a WatchGuard authorized reseller previously, please contact us at 1-888-GuardIT (1-888-482-7348) to file an application for an evaluation. We will help partner you with a WatchGuard reseller in your area.

You may be able to have more than one evaluation product active at any one time depending on your needs.

No. You are supported during the evaluation period by WatchGuard's warranty-level support. A support contract quote may be provided simply for convenience so that you have all the necessary information when you are ready to make a purchasing decision.

Simply fill out the application form or call us directly and we'll walk you through the process.

No. A purchase order is not required as part of the free evaluation application process.

You are charged only after you decide to buy the evaluation product or if you do not return the product at the end of the evaluation. Per the rules of the program, if you have not initiated the purchase or return process by the end of the 30-day evaluation period, an invoice will be sent automatically to the billing contact provided in your application.

Once an application is submitted, it will be reviewed by a WatchGuard representative. If for any reason your application is denied, we will assist you in contacting an authorized WatchGuard reseller to inquire about applying through the reseller.

A reseller within the WatchGuardONE Partner program, along with a WatchGuard representative, will contact you and determine an appropriate time to deliver your appliance. They will also assist you in your final purchase or in returning the appliance once the 30-day evaluation period is completed.

All products come with WatchGuard's standard warranty support during the evaluation period at no charge. In addition, there are extensive online resources available for evaluation products. There is no fee for this support during the evaluation period.

The evaluation period is for 30 days, but we will review extension requests. Minimal time extensions may be granted in extenuating circumstances.

A WatchGuard representative will be in touch with you during the evaluation period to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products. If you decide to purchase the unit, simply contact an authorized WatchGuard reseller in your area. If you need assistance we will be glad to help.

Contact the WatchGuard sales team at 1-888-GuardIT (1-888-482-7348) to receive a return authorization number.

Yes. The appliance that you try is fully configurable and can be tested in any configuration you choose via trial keys. Once you have determined a final purchase configuration you can then purchase it from an authorized WatchGuard reseller without ever removing the appliance from your network.