WatchGuard Cloud Platform Release Notes

These release notes are for the WatchGuard Cloud platform. WatchGuard Cloud allows you to see and manage all your products and services in one place. From WatchGuard Cloud you can configure and manage your security services such as AuthPoint and Endpoint Security, and review related metrics and reports.

For more information about new features, download the What's New in WatchGuard Cloud PowerPoint. For a full description of WatchGuard Cloud features and functionality, go to WatchGuard Cloud Help.

Latest WatchGuard Cloud Update 23 May 2024
Release Notes Revision Date 23 May 2024

Latest Release

Release Date: 23 May 2024

New Features

Enhanced Device Details

You can now view more information for Fireboxes and Access Points in WatchGuard Cloud, including new and enhanced dashboard widgets and summary pages. For more information, go to Configure Device Settings in WatchGuard Cloud in Help Center.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor updates and bug fixes. [WCD-18633, WCD-19235, WCD-19236]

Previous Releases