Service Provider Dashboard

For Service Providers, the Dashboard page shows you a quick overview of your Service Provider account and your managed Service Provider and Subscriber accounts. Several tiles display important information and provide useful links. The tiles that display are different when you select Overview, a Service Provider account, or a Subscriber account.

The Dashboard page for a Service Provider account contains similar tiles to the Overview page. The content of the tiles reflects data for the devices and licenses managed by the Service Provider account.

For information on the Subscriber account dashboard, see About the Dashboard.

Screen shot of WatchGuard Cloud SP Dashboard

Dashboard Tiles

The Dashboard page shows aggregated data for all of the Service Provider and Subscriber accounts. It can contain these tiles:

  • License Expiration — Shows the number of days until the expiration of your next license or the expiration of users allocated to your Service Provider inventory
  • Subscribers — Shows the number of active Subscriber accounts that you manage and a quick link to add a new Subscriber account
  • Service Providers — Shows the number of active Service Provider accounts that you manage and a quick link to add a new Service Provider account
  • AuthPoint User Allocation — Shows a count of the total number of AuthPoint users available to you and how many users you have allocated (this includes users allocated to your own account)
  • Dark Web Scan — Shows a text box where you can enter an email address or domain to scan for data breaches for your accounts
  • Host Status — Shows the status of Host Sensors in your account. The numbers show the number of installed Host Sensors in each state.
  • Indicators — Shows statistics for indicators in three categories (Critical, High, Medium/Low), based on the score.
    • Critical — Scores of 8, 9, or 10

    • High — Scores of 6 or 7

    • Medium/Low — Scores of 3, 4, or 5

  • Remediations — Shows statistics for Host Ransomware Prevention, Automated, Manual, and Open remediations. The total number is the sum of Host Ransomware Prevention, Automated, and Manual remediations.
  • Host Sensor Allocation — Shows a count of the total number of Host Sensors allocated and how many Host Sensors you have available.
  • WatchGuard Endpoint Security Allocation — Shows a count of the total number of WatchGuard Endpoint Security product and module licenses allocated (this includes licenses allocated to your own account). It also shows how many licenses you have available.

If the account you select does not have an activated device or license, the Get Started tile appears to activate a device or license, or start a endpoint security trial.

The Manage your company's account section displays information specific to your Service Provider account. You can see how many operators your account has and how many of your operators are currently online.

The Manage Account link opens the My Account page where you can see your account information and add or remove operators.

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