Service Provider Dashboard

For Service Providers, the Dashboard page shows you a quick overview of your Service Provider account and your managed accounts. Several tiles display important information and provide useful links.

The Dashboard page contains these tiles:

  • License Expiration — Shows the number of days until the expiration of your next license or the expiration of users allocated to your Service Provider inventory
  • Subscribers — Shows the number of active Subscriber accounts that you manage and a quick link to add a new Subscriber account
  • Service Providers — Shows the number of active Service Provider accounts that you manage and a quick link to add a new Service Provider account
  • Licensed Users — Shows a count of the total number of users available to you and how many users you have allocated (this includes users allocated to your own account)

The Manage your company's account section displays information specific to your Service Provider account. You can see how many operators your account has and how many of your operators are currently online.

The Manage Account link opens the My Account page where you can see your account information and add or remove operators.

The Pivot to Subscriber View link opens the Subscriber view for your account, where you can configure security services and see reports. While working in the Subscriber view, you can switch from your account to any managed account.

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