Endpoint Security Trials – Service Providers

On the Trials page, Service Providers can start a trial of WatchGuard Endpoint Security products and modules for their account and accounts they manage. Trial product licenses include 25 endpoint licenses for WatchGuard EPP or WatchGuard EDR, or 100 endpoint licenses for WatchGuard EPDR. The same number of module licenses are activated. All trial licenses are valid for 30 days, and can be renewed for another 30 days to a maximum of 60 days. You can only extend the trial once within 60 days of the start date.

When a trial expires and cannot be extended, all trials are unavailable for 90 days. WatchGuard Cloud saves the settings in the trial product or module for 90 days after the trial expires. If you convert a trial license to a term license, all settings in the trial license transfer to the term license.

For information on endpoint security trials for Subscriber accounts, see Manage Endpoint Security Trials - Subscribers.

To open the Trials page, from WatchGuard Cloud:

  1. From Account Manager, select Overview.
  2. Select Administration > Trials.

From the Trials table, you can start, upgrade, and extend trials, and convert trial licenses. For more information, see:

The Trials table lists all of the accounts you manage, their trial products and modules, as well as the status, expiration date, and availability of their trials.

Trial Status

In the Trials table, you can see the Status of your trials:

  • Completed — The trial period is complete.
  • In Progress — The trial is in progress.
  • Never Tried — The account has not started a trial for any product.
  • Canceled — The account canceled the trial before the end of the trial period.
  • Converted to License — The account converted the trial license to a term license or subscription license.

Trial Availability and Days Remaining

In the Trials table, you can see the Availability and Days Remaining for each account trial:

  • Availability — Circle shows as red (not available), green (available), or gray (available in the future).
  • Progress bar — Bar shows the progress of the trial in blue.
  • Days Remaining — Number of days remaining in the active trial period.
  • Available — Indicates that a new trial is available now.
  • Available with date — A new trial is available after the 90-day cool-off period.
  • Not Available — No trials available because the account has a WatchGuard EPDR license or has completed all available trials.

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