Manage Account Groups

You can set up account groups so that you can assign operator permissions and endpoint policies to a group of accounts.

Service Providers can use account groups to control account access in WatchGuard Cloud. You can restrict access for Auditor and Helpdesk roles with account groups. These operators are limited to the accounts in their assigned account group. For example, if Auditor and Helpdesk operators are restricted to some account groups (instead of ALL - default), they will no longer have access to their own Subscriber account. Sales Role can access all accounts in Account Groups but cannot change the group members. Owners roles always have full access. For more information, see Add Operators to Managed Accounts.

Your Subscriber account (My Account) is where Service Providers configure and manage their own security services. This account cannot be added to an account group. Activity on this account can only be seen by operators with the Owner role.

You can also use account groups to assign policies for endpoint configuration across multiple accounts. If your account and any accounts you manage have endpoint licenses, the accounts automatically appear in Service Provider Endpoint Manager. For more information, see About Service Provider Endpoint Manager.

To search for an account or account group, in the Search bar, type the name of the account or account group. Select the account or account group you want to find from the results and press Enter.

To add an account group:

  1. Select Administration > Account Groups.
  2. From Account Manager, select Overview.

  1. Click Add Account Group.

  1. Type a Name for the group.
  2. Click Add.
    The account group appears in the All Accounts group.

To move an account group to another group account level:

  1. In the All Accounts group, select the account group you want to move.
  2. Drag the folder and its contents to another account group.
    You cannot move My Account (shown in gray) to another location.

To change the name of an account group:

  1. On the Account Groups page, next to the account group you want to change the name for, click and select Rename Group.
  2. Type a new Name.
  3. Click Update.

To delete an account group:

  1. On the Account Groups page, next to the account group you want to delete, click and select Delete Group.
    To delete an account group, it must not contain any accounts.
  2. Click Delete.

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