Configure Firebox System Settings

For a cloud-managed Firebox, system settings include:

  • Firebox Name
  • Time Zone
  • NTP Servers
  • Device Feedback

On the Device Configuration page for a cloud-managed Firebox, the Settings tile shows a summary of configured system settings.

Screen shot of the Settings tile on the Device Configuration page

When you add a Firebox to WatchGuard Cloud as a cloud-managed device, you configure the Firebox name and time zone. Three NTP servers are automatically added.

Firebox devices also return detailed device feedback by default. For information on how to configure device feedback settings, see Configure Device Feedback Settings.

To see and update the device settings: 

  1. In WatchGuard Cloud, select Configure > Devices.
  2. Select the cloud-managed Firebox.
  3. Click Device Configuration.
  4. Click the Settings tile.
    The Settings page opens.

  1. In the Name text box, edit the Firebox name.
  2. From the Time Zone drop-down list, select the time zone at the location where the Firebox is installed.
  3. On the NTP Servers tab, type the addresses of up to three NTP servers.
  4. To save configuration updates to the cloud, click Save.

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