Configure Access Point SSID Settings

Applies To: WatchGuard Cloud-managed Access Points

You can configure the wireless SSIDs that are broadcast by your access points and enable wireless clients to connect to your network.

Access points can have two different types of settings:

Configure SSID Settings for an Access Point

To configure device-level SSID settings in WatchGuard Cloud for an access point:

  1. Select Configure > Devices.
  2. Select the access point you want to configure.
  3. Select Device Configuration.
    The device configuration page opens.

Screen shot of the main Device Configuration page for access points in WatchGuard Cloud

  1. In the Wi-Fi Networks tile, click SSIDs.

Configure SSID Settings for an Access Point Site

To configure SSID settings in WatchGuard Cloud for an Access Point Site:

  1. Select Configure > Access Points Sites.
  2. Select an existing site, or add a new site.
  3. From the Configuration Details tab, in the Wi-Fi Networks tile, click SSIDs.

Screen shot of the Configuration Details page in an Access Points Site

Manage SSIDs

The SSIDs page lists your configured Wi-Fi networks and includes this information:

Screen of the SSIDs page for an access point in WatchGuard Cloud

  • SSID Name — The name of the Wi-Fi network SSID. There are two types of SSIDs, a device-level SSID, or an SSID configured from an Access Point Site, indicated by . From this page you can only add or delete device-level SSIDs. For more information about Access Point Sites, see About Access Point Sites.
  • Broadcast — Indicates whether the SSID name is broadcast and visible to Wi-Fi clients.
  • Security — The security type configured on this network, such as WPA2 or Open.
  • Radios — The access point radios that broadcast this SSID.

To sort the list of SSIDs, click a column name.

Click an existing SSID to edit the wireless network settings, or click Add SSID to add a new wireless network.

Add an SSID

To add an SSID, click .

On each tab, you can configure different settings for the SSID such as wireless settings, access control, scheduling, traffic shaping, and advanced settings.

When you are finished your wireless network configuration, click Add to save the SSID.

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