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Gain the insights you need to evolve your security practices to those best suited for a modern, midsize enterprise.

Download the ESG paper, Modernizing Midmarket Cybersecurity.

“Despite facing the same challenges as a large enterprise, a majority of midmarket organizations can't keep up with investments in security technology and staffing."

It’s easy to assume that since all businesses face the same cybersecurity threats, they require the same solutions. The reality is that a midmarket organization has a much harder time executing a strong security posture given that they often employ smaller IT staffs with less network security experience overall. As a result, their needs are greater. Not only do they need the same security technology, but they need a platform that allows for them to do just as much with a smaller IT staff.

“ESG research indicates that 53% of survey respondents report a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills in 2019, and 74% believe that their organization has been negatively impacted…”

It’s time for a different approach.

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) offers new guidance in their paper, “Modernizing Midmarket Cybersecurity” that we are making available for you to download here. In it, they describe the challenges that midmarket companies face and a vision of what’s needed to best address their unique needs.

“It’s time for midmarket organizations to abandon these obsolete practices and move to a more cohesive security strategy anchored by a tightly integrated cybersecurity technology platform…”

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