Get Started with WatchGuard Endpoint Security

Applies To: WatchGuard EPDR, WatchGuard EDR, WatchGuard EPP

Each WatchGuard Endpoint Security product includes client software installed on endpoint devices and a web UI to manage security for the devices and your IT network.

To get started with WatchGuard Endpoint Security, complete these high-level steps:

  1. If you do not have a WatchGuard account, create one at:
  2. Activate your WatchGuard Endpoint Security license in the WatchGuard Portal.
    For more information, see Activate an Endpoint Security License.
  3. Log in to your WatchGuard Cloud account.
  4. (Service Providers only) Allocate endpoint licenses to your accounts.
    For more information, see Allocate Endpoint Licenses.
  5. From Account Manager, select your account.
  6. Select Configure > Endpoints.
    A new tab opens and shows the web UI for the endpoint security product you allocated.

WatchGuard Endpoint Security opens in a new tab, separate from WatchGuard Cloud. To allow the tab to open, you must disable pop-up blockers on your browser. The steps to do this vary by platform and browser. Some browsers show a message that a pop-up is blocked and you can then allow the pop-up. In some cases, you need to enable pop-ups first. For example, in Safari on iOS mobile devices, you must select Settings > Safari and disable the Block Pop-Ups toggle.

  1. On the Settings page, configure network settings, if required.
    For more information, see Configure Network Settings.
  2. Deploy the WatchGuard endpoint agent to computers and devices in your organization with the correct network settings.
    For more information, see Endpoint Security Installation Plan and Install the WatchGuard Client Software.
  3. Configure endpoint security for the computers and devices.
    For more information, see Manage Settings.

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