SIEMFeeder Requirements

Applies To: WatchGuard SIEMFeeder

To use the WatchGuard SIEMFeeder service, make sure your environment meets these requirements.

  • Your environment has a network of computers protected by WatchGuard EDR or WatchGuard EPDR.
  • You have as many active licenses for the SIEMFeeder service as you do for WatchGuard EDR or WatchGuard EPDR.
  • Your environment has a computer with Event Importer installed on it.
    For more information, see Configure and Run Event Importer.
  • Your environment has Firewall rules that allow for the Event Importer computer to download log files from the Microsoft Azure infrastructure.
  • (Optional) Proxy server settings are valid. If you use a proxy server with Event Importer, it must use WebSockets to enable access.
    For more information, see Configure and Run Event Importer
  • Your environment has enough bandwidth to receive the Event Importer data. Event Importer generates an average of 500 KB of compressed data and creates a GZIP file from the data. The bandwidth that Event Importer must have, depends on the number of user computers that SIEMFeeder monitors and the maximum of the configurable allowable delay.

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