Remote Installation Services

If you need comprehensive assistance with the initial setup or configuration of your WatchGuard product, you can schedule an appointment* for a remote installation service. This fee-based service ensures you have an experienced WatchGuard technician to assist you for up to two hours to review your needs, set up and test your configuration, while educating you on how to optimize performance.

Configure Your Network Securely from the Start!

Many network and IT administrators today don't have the time to read detailed product manuals or to attend on-site training classes. When you complete a remote installation, you can hit the ground running by getting your WatchGuard appliance set up quickly and securely. But more importantly, the knowledge transfer ensures that you are prepared to implement best practices over the life of your WatchGuard appliance.

Proven Three-Phase Plan

During a remote installation session, an experienced WatchGuard technician works with you over the phone to get your appliance configured correctly. Your technician works with you in a proven three-phase process that gets the WatchGuard solution, including Dimension, installed and security services configured correctly.

  • Phase 1: Preparation

    Before beginning the remote session, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. The information you provide will allow the technician to assess your requirements. Based on that information, you and the technician will agree on a plan that can be delivered in the installation time frame.

  • Phase 2: Deployment

    At the scheduled appointment time, we’ll help you get the appliance up and running. During this time, your technician will walk you through the setup of agreed upon features and help you become familiar with the appliance.

  • Phase 3: Sign Off

    Finally, before you sign-off on the project, the technician will review the configuration to ensure that the goals outlined in the preparation phase have been achieved.

  • Scheduling a Remote Installation Service

    WatchGuard’s Customer Care Team is ready to help you schedule your remote installation service. To schedule a session, contact our Customer Care Team either online or by phone.

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    Please contact your reseller for price and licensing options.



    Monday to Friday
    6:00 AM to 6:00 PM in your local time zone

    *Please provide WatchGuard Customer Care 72-hours advance notice to schedule the session.

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