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Welcome to the WatchGuard Security Portal where you can look up information about the latest applications, threats, and sites that are covered by your WatchGuard security appliances.

Icon: Application Control Application Control

Find out more about the 1100+ application signatures included in Firebox or XTM devices.

Application signatures

Icon: Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)

Find detailed information about the vulnerabilities and threats covered by our IPS signatures.

IPS signatures


From time to time, IPS signatures may mistakenly identify legitimate network traffic as suspicious and trigger an alert. When this occurs you can add the IPS signature ID to the exclusions list to bypass checking that specific signature. You can open a support case, or quickly report these issues here to WatchGuard so that we can address the issue and continue to improve our signature database.

Report an IPS false positive now

Icon: WebBlocker WebBlocker

Search the Forcepoint database to see how URLs are categorized.

Cloud database

(WatchGuard login required)


Knowledge Base:

WebBlocker Best Practices
Confirm that your Firebox or XTM device is optimally configured for WebBlocker, including tips and tricks for troubleshooting.

Icon: spamBlocker spamBlocker

Knowledge Base:

Submitting Samples for spamBlocker
How to contact WatchGuard with samples of missed spam or legitimate emails that were falsely identified as spam.

Icon: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Find detailed information about current DLP rules for Firebox or XTM devices.

DLP Rules


Knowledge Base:

How to Test DLP

Icon: Gateway AntiVirus

Knowledge Base:

How to report Gateway AntiVirus False Positives and False Negatives
Procedure to follow if you suspect a virus has been missed or incorrectly identified.

Gateway AntiVirus Signature Set sizes
Find out which models and software versions have the standard, extended, and enterprise AV signature sets.

Use the EICAR Test File to test Gateway AV
Simple technique to confirm that AV is configured correctly on your appliance.

Icon: APT Blocker APT Blocker

Knowledge Base:

Optimizing APT Blocker
Ensure that you are getting the most out of your APT Blocker service.

Icon: Reputation Enabled Defense (RED) Reputation Enabled Defense (RED)

Knowledge Base:

Using RED
Procedure to ensure that Reputation Enabled Defense is properly configured on your Firebox or XTM device.

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