Report False Positives or Missed Spam

A false positive email message is a legitimate message that spamBlocker incorrectly identifies as spam. A false negative, or missed spam, email message is a spam message that spamBlocker does not correctly identify as spam. If you find a false positive or false negative email message, you can send feedback to WatchGuard.

You can also send feedback directly to the spamBlocker data center.

Report Feedback About a Confidential Message

If you want to send a report, but you cannot send the initial email message because the information in the message is confidential, you can send the X-WatchGuard-Spam-ID from the email header instead. This is the reference number for the transaction between the Firebox and the data center. Copy the X-WatchGuard-Spam-ID from the header and paste it in the body of your email message. To send a report about more than one email message, put each X-WatchGuard-Spam-ID on a separate line.

In Fireware v12.9 and higher, you can send the spamBlocker spam ID log message instead of the X-WatchGuard-Spam-ID.

To see email headers if you use Microsoft Outlook:

  1. Open the email message in a new window or select it in Outlook.
  2. If you opened the email in a separate window, select View > Options.
    If you selected the email in Outlook, right-click the email message and select Options.
    The header shows in the lower section of the Message Options window.

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