About WatchGuard Cloud Device Manager (Subscribers)

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes, Locally-managed Fireboxes, WatchGuard Cloud-managed Access Points

Device Manager is a WatchGuard Cloud component for device visibility. For information about supported devices and license requirements, see Manage Fireboxes and FireClusters in WatchGuard Cloud.

Device Manager is available on the Monitor and Configure pages in a WatchGuard Cloud Subscriber account.

Screen shot of the Device Manager Monitor page

  • To monitor devices, select Monitor > Devices.
  • To configure WatchGuard Cloud device settings, select Configure > Devices.
  • To add a device, click next to the top-level folder and select Add Device.
  • To open and close Device Manager, click .

The icon next to a device in Device Manager shows the device type, management type (cloud-managed or locally managed with cloud reporting), and the device status. A yellow triangle indicates that there are undeployed, saved changes.

Device Type Status
Offline Online Never Connected
Cloud-managed Firebox
Cloud-managed Access Point
Locally-managed Firebox (with cloud reporting)
Cloud-managed FireCluster
Locally-managed FireCluster

From Device Manager, you can:

Most reports in Device Manager are also available as scheduled reports. For more information, see Schedule WatchGuard Cloud Reports.

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