Manage Fireboxes in WatchGuard Cloud

You can add a Firebox to WatchGuard Cloud to enable cloud-based monitoring and reporting. WatchGuard Cloud uses log messages from the Firebox to automatically generate over 100 dashboards and reports. WatchGuard Cloud does not disrupt logging to other destinations, such as Dimension.

Requirements to add a Firebox to WatchGuard Cloud:

  • Firebox models: M Series, T Series, FireboxV, Firebox Cloud
  • Firebox license: Total Security Suite or Basic Security Suite
  • Fireware OS: Fireware v12.0 or higher (Fireware v12.4 or higher for FireCluster)

For more information about license requirements and the Firebox feature key, see About Firebox WatchGuard Cloud Licenses.

Get Started

For information about how to add and monitor Fireboxes in WatchGuard Cloud, see:

Add Data Retention

Both the Total Security Suite and Basic Security Suite include a subscription for WatchGuard Cloud. The subscription enables the Firebox to send log messages to WatchGuard Cloud, and determines the default retention period for Firebox data in WatchGuard Cloud.

  • Total Security Suite includes WatchGuard Cloud with 30 days of data retention
  • Basic Security Suite includes WatchGuard Cloud with 1 day of data retention

To extend the length of time that data remains in WatchGuard Cloud, you can activate a Data Retention license and apply it to a Firebox in your WatchGuard Cloud account. For more information, see About Data Retention Licenses.

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