Monitor Access Points

Applies To: WatchGuard Cloud-managed Access Points

You can monitor your access points and connected clients from WatchGuard Cloud.

You can view these details from the Device Summary page:

  • Connection status
  • Firmware status
  • Device information and statistics
  • License status
  • Network usage and top clients
  • Performance and connection issues

To monitor your WatchGuard access points and clients in WatchGuard Cloud:

  1. Select Monitor > Devices.
  2. Select an access point.
  3. Select Device Summary.
    The Device Summary page opens for the selected access point.

Screen shot of the Device Summary page for access points in WatchGuard Cloud

Device Summary

The Device Summary page includes this data:

Live Status

The Live Status section shows statistics about the wireless clients that are associated to your cloud-managed access points.

For more information, see View Wireless Clients.

Access Points

The Access Points section provides several reports about your wireless network:

For information on how to schedule a report, see Schedule WatchGuard Cloud Reports.

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