About Wi-Fi in WatchGuard Cloud Access Point Licenses

Applies To: WatchGuard Cloud-managed Access Points (AP130, AP330, AP332CR, AP430CR, AP432)

These licenses are available to manage access points in WatchGuard Cloud:

  • WatchGuard Standard Wi-Fi Management
  • WatchGuard USP (Unified Security Platform) Wi-Fi Management

You cannot manage the new Wi-Fi 6 access points (AP130, AP330, AP332CR, AP430CR, and AP432) with the Gateway Wireless Controller on a Firebox or with Wi-Fi Cloud. You cannot use WatchGuard Cloud to manage previously released access points (AP120, AP125, AP225W, AP320, AP322, AP325, AP327X, AP420) that are currently managed by the Gateway Wireless Controller on a Firebox or with Wi-Fi Cloud.

This table lists the features of each license:


WatchGuard Standard Wi-Fi WatchGuard USP Wi-Fi
Inventory management in WatchGuard Cloud
Configure SSIDs, device settings, radio settings, and captive portal
Firmware upgrades
CLI/SSH access for troubleshooting
24/7 support and hardware warranty
Reporting visibility for past 24 hours
Reporting visibility for past 30 days  
Syslog server support  
SNMP monitoring  
VPN to Firebox capabilities  
Advanced security features and alerts  
Future features in development, including advanced security and analytics features *  

* Features included in the Unified Security Platform license will be determined by WatchGuard. Some features may require additional products from WatchGuard.

License Key

After you purchase an access point license, you receive a license key to use when you activate the access point.

To activate your access point, you need both the serial number of the access point and the license key. For more information, see Activate an Access Point.

Access Point License Expiration

When an access point license subscription expires:

  • The access point continues passing wireless traffic with the last received configuration from WatchGuard Cloud.
  • Access point device information and summary are available.
  • SSH access to the access point CLI is available for diagnostics.
  • You cannot modify the configuration except for SSID security passphrases and the device password for CLI access.
  • There is no access to firmware upgrades to any firmware released after the access point license expires.
  • Advanced features such as Access Point VPN and Captive Portal no longer work.
  • No new visibility and report data is available for expired access points. Older reports might still be available based on the data retention of the license before expiration.
  • Technical support is not available for access points with expired licenses.

To add a valid license for an expired access point, you must purchase and apply a new license to the access point in your WatchGuard account.

MSSP Subscription Expiration

For MSSP subscriptions, if the license expires (for example, if no more points are applied for the next month) then all of the SSIDs on the access point are disabled. Most of the access point functions will stop working except for CLI access to enable users to download and update the access point feature key from the CLI if there is a temporary feature key or a renewal applied.

Access Point End of Life Information

For information on WatchGuard's End of Life policy information for access points, see End of Life Policy on the WatchGuard web site.

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