WatchGuard Cloud for Service Providers

As a Service Provider, WatchGuard Cloud is where you create and manage your Service Provider and Subscriber customer accounts and allocate users and licenses. Unlike operators from a Subscriber account, operators from a Service Provider account see all of the accounts they manage when they log in to WatchGuard Cloud.

Account Manager is used to navigate to customer accounts and inventory. The dashboard displays an overview of important information for your managed Subscriber and Service Provider accounts.

You can select the Subscriber view of your own account or any managed account in Account Manager. Your Subscriber account is where you configure security services and see reports. Operators from a Subscriber account can only see their Subscriber view when they log in to WatchGuard Cloud.

To view your Subscriber account:

  • From Account Manager, select My Account.
    This is where you configure and manage your own security services.

Screen shot of WatchGuard Cloud, Account Manager My Account

Multi-Tier Management

WatchGuard Cloud is a multi-tenant, multi-tier system. Each Service Provider account can create and manage customer accounts up to three tiers (for example, Tier 1 Service Provider > Tier 2 Service Provider > Subscriber). Each managed customer account has its own WatchGuard Cloud account and its own operators.

A Service Provider can see the Subscriber view for each managed account and can configure security services and see reports for those accounts. Data is not shared between managed accounts.

As a Service Provider, you create accounts for each of your customers in your WatchGuard Cloud Service Provider account. For information about how to add managed customer accounts, see Add a Managed Account.

After you create a managed customer account, you can allocate users, devices, and licenses from your inventory to each account. For more information, see Inventory Management.

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