Convert a Subscriber to a Service Provider

Service Providers can convert a managed Subscriber account to a Service Provider account. The converted account remains a managed child of the original Service Provider and retains all of its licensed users, operators, and configurations, but now it can now create and manage its own accounts.

Once you convert a Subscriber account to a Service Provider, the account cannot be converted back. Service Provider accounts cannot be converted to Subscriber accounts.

Service Provider accounts cannot be converted to Subscriber accounts.

When a Subscriber account is converted to a Service Provider account, the role for each operator is changed to the Service Provider operator role with permissions that correspond to their previous Subscriber operator role.

Original Subscriber Operator Role New Service Provider Operator Role
Administrator Owner
Observer Auditor
Analyst Helpdesk

To Convert a Subscriber Account

  1. Select Subscribers.
  2. Next to the account, click and select Manage Account.
    The My Account page for the managed account opens.

  1. Click Convert Account.

  1. In the text box, type Convert in all capital letters to confirm that you want to convert the account.
  2. Click Convert.

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