Add Operators to Managed Accounts

Operators are users who can log in to WatchGuard Cloud to view and manage account information, configure services, and see reports.

As a Service Provider, you can create and manage operators for your managed accounts. After you create operators for your managed accounts, you can choose to let them create and manage their own operators.

For managed Subscriber accounts, you do not need to add operators if you intend to configure and manage the Subscriber account and services. Managed Service Provider accounts, however, must have at least one Owner operator.

Only operators with the Owner role have the necessary permissions to add operators to a managed account.

To add an operator to a managed account, in the Service Provider view of WatchGuard Cloud:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Subscribers or Service Providers depending on the account type.
  2. In the row for the account you want to edit, click and select Manage Account.
    The Account Management page opens for the account .

  1. In the Operators section, click Add Operator.

  1. In the User Name text box, type a user name.
  2. In the Email text box, type the user's email address.
  3. In the First Name and Last Name text boxes, type the user's first and last name.
  4. From the Select Role drop-down list, select an operator role to determine permissions. For more information, see About Operators.
  5. Click Add.
    An email message is sent to the user with a link to set a password for WatchGuard Cloud.

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