About WatchGuard Cloud Account Manager (Service Providers)

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes, Locally-managed Fireboxes, WatchGuard Cloud-managed Access Points

For Service Provider accounts, Account Manager is located in the left pane of the WatchGuard Cloud window. It provides a unified view to manage Service Provider and Subscriber accounts. Service Provider accounts include a icon and Subscriber accounts include a icon.

To quickly select an account, type an account name in the Search box.

To open and close Account Manager, click in the lower-left corner.

From Account Manager, you can:

  • View aggregate data across multiple accounts — Select Dashboard > Overview.
  • Add a new account — Click . Or, click next to Overview or the Service Provider where you want to add the account, and then select Add Account.
  • Create a new folder — Click next to the account where you want to add a folder. Select Create a New Folder.
  • Add a device — Select Configure > Devices. Click next to the Subscriber account where you want to add a device. Select Add Device.
  • View inventory for all accounts — Select Overview. Select Inventory > Summary.

When you select a device from Account Manager, the page displays content specific to the device.

  • To monitor a device, from Account Manager, select the device, and then select Monitor > Devices. For more information, see Monitor Devices in WatchGuard Cloud.
  • To configure settings for a device, from Account Manager, select the device, and then select Configure > Devices. For more information, see About the Device Settings Page.

Device Status

The icon next to a device in Account Manager shows the device type, management type (cloud-managed or locally managed with cloud reporting), and the device status. A yellow triangle indicates that there are undeployed, saved changes.

Device Type Status
Offline Online Never Connected
Cloud-managed Firebox
Cloud-managed Access Point
Locally-managed Firebox (with cloud reporting)
Cloud-managed FireCluster
Locally-managed FireCluster

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