Configure Wi-Fi Cloud WIPS

Follow these steps to configure Wi-Fi Cloud WIPS to meet the security standards for a Trusted Wireless Environment:

  1. Configure SSID Profiles
  2. Configure Radio and Device Settings
  3. Configure the Authorized WiFi Policy
  4. Configure Access Point Auto-Classification
  5. Configure Client Auto-Classification
  6. Configure Automatic Intrusion Prevention
  7. Monitor WIPS Activity
  8. Activate Automatic Intrusion Prevention

Before You Begin

These instructions assume you have already activated and connected your WatchGuard APs and have subscribed to Wi-Fi Cloud with a Total Wi-Fi or Secure Wi-Fi subscription.

For detailed information on getting started with Wi-Fi Cloud and WatchGuard cloud-ready APs, see Getting Started with WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud.

About AP Power Requirements for WIPS

AP325 and AP420 models must use full PoE+ power or be connected to a power adapter for the third WIPS scanning radio to be fully effective. Lower PoE power results in reduced performance and effectiveness of WIPS scanning and intrusion prevention functions. For more information, see AP Power Requirements.

To make sure that LLDP-capable switches provide appropriate PoE+ power to APs:

  • You must enable LLDP on the switch
  • Disable static allocation of maximum power of 30W (if previously configured)

For more information, see WatchGuard APs and PoE+ power with switches and LLDP.