Configure Access Point Auto-Classification

New APs are automatically assigned a classification based on their network connectivity to the monitored network and their compliance with the SSID configuration or Authorized WiFi Policy.

APs that comply with your policy are classified as “Authorized”. By default, AP auto-classification is also configured to automatically classify External APs and Rogue APs.

To review the default AP Auto-classification settings:

  1. Open Discover.
  2. From the Navigator, select the top-level folder. We recommend you set the AP auto-classification settings at the top-level folder so that the settings are inherited by all subfolders.
  3. Select Configure > WIPS > Access Point Auto-classification.
  4. By default, the External Access Points and Rogue Access Points classification options are enabled.
    If required, click Restore Defaults to restore the default settings, then click Save.

Screen shot of the Configure > WIPS > Access Point Auto-classification page in Discover