Configure SSID Profiles

SSID profiles define the parameters for wireless access, including the SSID name, security mode, and encryption settings for the Wi-Fi network.

To configure an SSID:

  1. Open Discover.
  2. From the Navigator, select a location for the SSID. SSIDs are automatically inherited by subfolder locations. Make sure to select the correct top-level location when you create an SSID.
  3. Select Configure > WiFi.
    The SSID tab is selected by default.

Screen shot of the Configure > WiFi settings in Discover

  1. Click Add SSID or select an existing SSID to configure.
  2. Configure these SSID settings:

Basic Settings

Screen shot of the Basic Wi-Fi profile settings in Discover

  • Type a descriptive SSID Name and Profile Name.
  • In the Select SSID Type section, select Private for a private Wi-Fi network SSID, or select Guest for a guest Wi-Fi network SSID.
  • (Optional) Select the Hide SSID check box to not broadcast the SSID name on the Wi-Fi network.
  • Click Next or click the Security tab to go to the next configuration section.

Security Settings

Screen shot of the SSID Security Settings page in Discover

  • From the Select Security Level for Associations drop-down list, we recommend at minimum you select WPA2 with PSK security. If required, you can customize the security settings specific to your deployment.
  • Type a Passphrase for the security mode you selected.
  • Keep other settings at their default value or customize the settings for your deployment as required.

Network and Other SSID Settings

  • Leave the default settings in this section unless you have specific configuration requirements for your deployment.
  1. Click Save to save the SSID settings, or click Save & Turn SSID On to save your settings and enable the SSID on your Wi-Fi network.

Repeat these steps to add additional SSIDs to your network.