About Analytics

The Analyze service fetches the visibility and association analytics information from Wi-Fi Cloud, analyzes user information for guest users that have logged into each captive portal, and provides graphical and tabular representations of this data. Analytics data is synchronized with Wi-Fi Cloud once daily.

There are two types of analytics that Wi-Fi Cloud collects:

  • Anonymous analytics — Data gathered from guest clients with any wireless-capable device, inside or near your location, but not connected to your guest Wi-Fi network.
  • Association analytics — Data gathered from guest social media credentials after authentication to your captive portal.

Analytics data is synchronized with the Manage service once daily. You can perform a manual synchronization at any time in Analyze from the Admin > Servers page.

Analytics data is retained on the system for 13 months. For more information, see Servers. Deleted SSIDs are retained for two years before they are purged from analytics reports.

These analytics reports are available:

  • Presence Analytics — Presence analytics are anonymous analytics that measure footfall and dwell time in and around your premises.
  • Demographic Analytics — Demographic analytics are association analytics that measure login methods and gender and age distribution.
  • Profile Analytics — Profile analytics are association analytics based on information obtained from a guest user’s social media profile, or Guestbook/Web Form plug-in data.
  • Conversion Analytics — Conversion and loyalty analytics are anonymous analytics that measure the number of visitors based on frequency of visits at different premises and different brands organized by duration and location
  • Wi-Fi Usage Analytics — Guest Wi-Fi usage and engagement analytics that include data transfer information organized by location and duration while the client was connected to your network.
  • Floor Map Analytics — Proximity-based analytics that indicate footfall and dwell time for guest users on a floor map.
  • Interception Analytics — Association analytics about guests users engaged by web site interception.

Location-based Analytics

On the Analytics page, the navigation menu contains a location tree, and graphs appear when you select a location on the tree. The graphs show data from Manage for the duration you select. You can view multiple graphs on this page.

To search for a location, type the search string in the Search Location text box above the location tree.

Graph Settings

A date is displayed at the top of the Analytics page. This is the last date for which the data is available. For example, if the data availability date is June 26, 2018 and you select 7 Days, you see data for June 20–26, 2018.

You can also select a custom date. The graphs show data that use your custom date as the last date. If you select 7 Days, and the custom date is June 22, 2018, you see data for June 16–22, 2018. The custom date can be a date before or the same as the data availability date.

To reset the custom date back to the default data availability date, click the date and then click the Reset to Default link.

  • All the graphs include a legend. You can display or hide data in the graph by clicking it in the legend.
  • Day-wise graphs (line graphs and some bar graphs) can be configured to display the data for 7, 14, 30, 60, 90, 180, and 365 days. For 7, 14, and 30 days graph durations, the data is plotted for each day. For 60, 90, and 180 days graph durations, the aggregated data for each week during the specified duration is plotted. For the 365 days graph duration, monthly aggregated data is displayed.
  • Click or hover the mouse over a line, bar, or pie in the graph provides more information about the plotted data.
  • Click a sector in a pie chart to highlight a specific sector in your printed graph.
  • Click and drag the mouse over a specific area of a line or bar graph to zoom in the selected section of the graph.

Download Analytics Graphs

You can download the analytics graphs presented on each of the Analytics in PDF format.

The PDF file contains graphs for the selected analytics page. If you are on the Engagement Analytics page and you download the PDF file, the file contains the graphs for Conversion by Days, Conversion by Locations, Store Loyalty, and Brand Loyalty, for the selected location. The PDF file contains the same graphs that you see on the Engagement Analytics page.

To download an analytics graph:

  1. Select the Analytics tab.
  2. Click the required Analytics option. You can choose Presence, Demographics, Profiles, Conversion, Engagement, or Wi-Fi Usage depending on what analytics information you want to download.
  3. Click the Download as PDF icon on the top right corner of the selected Analytics page.
    The PDF file is generated and downloaded to the default downloads folder.