WatchGuard Cloud on Your Firebox

WatchGuard Cloud is the cloud-based platform where you can monitor your Firebox. WatchGuard Cloud supports Fireboxes that run Fireware v12.0 or higher.

Total Security Suite and Basic Security Suite include a license for WatchGuard Cloud. To make sure your Firebox has the WatchGuard Cloud license, synchronize the feature key. For more information, see About Firebox WatchGuard Cloud Licenses.

Add the Firebox to WatchGuard Cloud

Before you can enable WatchGuard Cloud on the Firebox, you must add the Firebox to your WatchGuard Cloud account. When you add the Firebox, you receive a Verification Code that you must paste into the Firebox configuration.

For information about how to add a Firebox or regenerate the Verification Code, see:

Verify the Connection Status

After you enable WatchGuard Cloud, check the connection status on the Firebox or in WatchGuard Cloud. For more information, see:

For information about how to troubleshoot registration and connection errors, see Troubleshoot Firebox Connections to WatchGuard Cloud.

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