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From the Dimension Home > Devices page, you can see the list of Fireboxes and FireClusters that send log messages to your Dimension server or that are managed by Dimension. You can select a Firebox or FireCluster to see the log message data and reports for that Firebox or FireCluster. You can also see health information, licensing details, and see the geographic location of each connected Firebox on a world map.

Before a Firebox can appear in the Devices list, you must either configure the Firebox to send log messages to Dimension, or add it to Dimension for management.

For information about how to configure logging for your Fireboxes, go to Add a Dimension or WSM Log Server.

Add a Firebox to Dimension

To manage a Firebox with Dimension, you add the Firebox information to Dimension and then import the Dimension management file (.WGD file) to the Firebox. For instructions to add a Firebox to Dimension for management, go to Add a Firebox to Dimension for Management.

You can edit the settings for a Firebox that is connected to Dimension or remove a Firebox from the Devices list. For more information, go to:

View Firebox Details

After you have added your Firebox or FireCluster to Dimension, it appears on the Devices page. You can see more information about each of your Fireboxes on the Devices page from these tabs:

  • List — Includes the name, logging and management connection status, IP address, OS version, serial number, and model.
  • Health — Includes the name, logging and management connection status, CPU usage, memory usage, uptime, and feature key expiration information.
  • License — Includes the current status and expiration dates of each licensed feature in the Firebox feature key.
  • Map — Shows the geographical location of the Firebox based on the latitude and longitude you specify for the Firebox.

From the List, Health, or License tabs, you can click the Name of a Firebox or FireCluster to see log messages or reports for a Firebox or FireCluster. If your Firebox or FireCluster has only a logging connection to Dimension, the Executive Dashboard appears. If your Firebox or FireCluster has a management connection to Dimension, the Device Summary page appears.

For more information about these pages, and the other Dashboard pages, go to:

For information about how to see log messages for a Firebox or FireCluster, go to View Log Messages (Dimension).

For more information about how to see reports for your Firebox or FireCluster, go to View Reports.

Search for a Firebox

You can use the Search feature on the Devices page to search for a particular Firebox on any of the Devices page tabs. You can search on any of the details specified for your Firebox, such as the name, serial number, or OS version.

To search for a Firebox:

  1. In the Search text box, type the details for the Firebox to find.
  2. Click .

Export Firebox Details

From any of the Devices page tabs, you can export the details that appear for each Firebox on the List and Health tabs in a .CSV file. If these details appear in the list for a Firebox, they are included in the .CSV file:

  • Device name
  • Logging connection status
  • Management connection status
  • IP address
  • Serial number
  • Version
  • Model
  • CPU usage
  • Memory usage
  • Uptime
  • Feature key status

When you export the Firebox details file, the default file name is Dimension_Devices_Detail_<yyyy>-<mm>-<dd>.csv. For example, Dimension_Devices_Detail_2015-06-21.csv. You can specify a different name when you export the file.

To export Firebox information in a .CSV file:

  1. At the top of the Devices page, click the CSV icon.
  2. Select a location to save the .CSV file.
  3. Click Save.
    The file is saved to the location you specified.

After you save the .CSV file, you can open the .CSV file with a third-party program to review the Firebox details.

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