Remove a Firebox

You can remove a Firebox or FireCluster from Dimension from the List, Health, or License tabs on the Devices page.

Before you can remove a Firebox or FireCluster from Dimension, you must change the logging settings on the Firebox to remove the instance of Dimension from the Log Servers list.

From the Devices page:

  1. Select the row of the Firebox or FireCluster. Do not select the Firebox or FireCluster Name.
  2. Click Remove.
    The Remove Device window opens.

Screen shot of the Add Managed Device -- Provisioning page

  1. Select the FireCluster you want to remove. Click YES.

Data Deletion For a Removed Device

When you remove a Firebox from your Dimension server, the device immediately disappears from the list of devices your account and you cannot see log and report data for the device. The Dimension server automatically deletes log data associated with your device within one day.

If you add the Firebox back to your Dimension server on the same day you removed it, and before the Dimension server deletes the data for that device, the previously stored log data and reports become visible again.

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