Reset a Firebox

If your Firebox has a configuration problem, or you just want to create a new configuration, you can reset the device to its factory-default settings. For example, if you do not know the configuration passphrase, or if a power interruption causes damage to the Fireware OS, you can use the Quick Setup Wizard or Web Setup Wizard to build your configuration again or restore a saved configuration.

After you perform the reset procedure:

  • The Firebox is reset to factory-default settings.
  • Any saved backup images are deleted from the Firebox.
  • Interface 0 is enabled as an external interface, as a DHCP client.
  • Interface 1 is enabled as a trusted interface with the IP address, and DHCP server is enabled.
  • Interface 32 is enabled as a trusted interface with the IP address, and DHCP server is enabled (Firebox M5600 and M5800 only)
  • Interface 24 is enabled as a trusted interface with the IP address, and DHCP server is enabled (Firebox M4800 only)
  • The default admin and status management user accounts are available, with the default passphrases.
  • The Web Setup Wizard starts automatically when you log in to Fireware Web UI.
  • The device is discoverable by the WSM Quick Setup Wizard.
  • The device is discoverable as a new FireCluster member (if the device supports FireCluster). For more information about FireCluster device discovery, see Discover a Cluster Member.

The status of the feature key after a Firebox reset depends on the device model:

For XTM devices that have an LCD display on the front panel

The previously installed feature key is not removed when the device is started in safe mode.

For Firebox and XTM models that do not have an LCD screen

The previously installed feature key is removed. When the Firebox restarts, if Interface 0 is connected to a network and can get a DHCP address, the Firebox automatically attempts to download the latest feature key from WatchGuard.

For a complete description of the factory-default settings, see About Factory-Default Settings.

Backup images saved on your Firebox are removed when you reset it to factory-default settings. Before you reset a Firebox, we recommend that you export a recent backup image from the Firebox. For more information, see Export a Backup Image Stored on the Firebox. If you want to reset the Firebox and do not want to remove the saved backup images, use the CLI command restore factory-default without the all parameter.

Reset Steps by Device Model

Make sure that you complete all of the steps. You must complete the second reboot at the end to restart your device before you can connect to it. The IP address of the trusted interface changes to For more information, see About Factory-Default Settings.

After you restore the factory-default settings, you can connect your computer to interface 1 and use the Quick Setup Wizard or Web Setup Wizard to create a basic configuration or restore a saved backup image.

For more information, see About Firebox Setup Wizards.

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