About Firebox Setup Wizards

You can use the Web Setup Wizard or the Quick Setup Wizard in WatchGuard System Manager to create a basic configuration for your Firebox. You can use reset the Firebox and run one of the setup wizards again at any time if you want to start over with a new default configuration. This is helpful for system recovery.

The default policies and services that the setup wizards configure depend on the version of Fireware installed on the Firebox.

  • In Fireware v11.12 and higher, the Web Setup Wizard creates proxy policies and automatically enables most licensed subscription services with recommended settings.
  • In Fireware v11.11.x and lower, the Web Setup Wizard creates packet filter policies and enables the Firebox to operate as a basic firewall. It does not enable licensed subscription services.

For more information about policies and services the setup wizards configure, see Setup Wizard Default Policies and Settings.

If you have more software applications and network traffic for the device to examine, after you run the setup wizard you can further customize your security policies to meet the needs of your network. For more information, see Complete Your Installation

You can use a wizard to set up your device from a web browser or from WatchGuard System Manager.

For instructions to run the Web Setup Wizard, see Run the Web Setup Wizard.

For instructions to run the Quick Setup Wizard from WatchGuard System Manager, see Run the WSM Quick Setup Wizard.

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