Restore a Firebox Backup Image

You can use Policy Manager or Fireware Web UI to restore a previously created backup image to your Firebox.

In Fireware v12.5.2 and higher, you can back up and restore the Firebox configuration with WatchGuard Cloud. For more information, see Manage Firebox Backup Images in WatchGuard Cloud.

If you cannot successfully restore your Firebox backup image, you can reset the device. For more information, see Reset a Firebox.

Do not try to restore a backup image created from a different Firebox. Each backup image is unique to a single device; it includes the certificates and private keys for that device.

If your Firebox is under Centralized Management in Fully Managed mode, you must open Policy Manager for your device from your Management Server to restore a backup image to your device. For more information about how to update the configuration of a Fully Managed device, see Update the Configuration For a Fully Managed Device.

To restore a backup image for a FireCluster we recommend that you use Policy Manager. For more information, see Restore a FireCluster Backup Image.

Restore a Backup Image Saved on the Firebox (Fireware 12.2.1 and higher)

In Fireware 12.2.1 and higher, you can restore a backup image that is stored on the Firebox. If you exported a backup image to another location and deleted it from the Firebox, you must import the backup image to the Firebox before you can restore it. For more information, see Import a Backup Image to the Firebox.

Because configuration settings vary by Fireware version, each backup image is compatible only with the version of Fireware OS it was saved from. You can restore any backup image that was saved with the same version of Fireware OS as the current OS version installed on the Firebox.

You cannot restore a backup image that was saved from a different Fireware OS version than the current OS version installed on the Firebox. To restore a backup image saved from a higher Fireware OS version, you must upgrade the OS on the Firebox before you restore the backup image. If a backup image was saved from a lower Fireware OS version, you must downgrade the Firebox and select the backup image as part of the Fireware OS downgrade process. For more information, see Downgrade Fireware.

If you use WatchGuard System Manager 12.2.1 or higher to manage a Firebox that runs Fireware v12.2 or lower, when you select File > Backup and Restore, the 12.2 user interface appears instead of the Backup and Restore Image page. Follow the steps in Restore a Backup Image (Fireware 12.2 and lower)

Admin credentials are stored in the backup image file. Make sure that you know the admin passphrase at the time the backup image was created before you restore the backup. If you do not know the admin passphrase, you will not be able to log in to the Firebox after the backup image is restored.

Restore a Backup Image (Fireware 12.2 and lower)

Because backup images saved in Fireware 12.2 or lower include the Fireware OS, the Firebox must restart to complete the restore process.

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