Monitor Authentication on Cloud-Managed Fireboxes

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes

On the Authentication page you can view information about the users that are authenticated to the cloud-managed Firebox. You can also enable or disable diagnostic logs for user authentication. This page is only available when your cloud-managed Firebox is connected to WatchGuard Cloud.

To monitor authentication on cloud-managed Fireboxes:

  1. Select Monitor > Devices.
  2. Select a cloud-managed Firebox.
    The Device Summary page for the selected Firebox opens.
  3. Select Live Status > Authentication.
    The Authentication page opens.

Screen shot of WatchGuard Cloud, Live Status, Authentication, Users

See Authenticated Users

On the Users tab, you can view the number of Firebox and mobile VPN users authenticated by domain in a color-coded chart and a user details table.

Screen shot of WatchGuard Cloud, Live Status, Authentication widget

User Details

To specify the type of users to show in the table, select Firewall Users or Mobile VPN Users.

You can sort the table by any column heading. Information about each authenticated user appears in these columns:


The user name of the authenticated user.


The domain the user authenticated from.


The authentication client used to connect to the Firebox.

IP Address (Firewall) / Virtual IP Address (Mobile VPN)

The internal IP address for the user. For mobile VPN users, this is the IP address the Firebox assigns to them.

From Address (Mobile VPN only)

The IP address from which the mobile VPN user accessed the network. Click the IP address to view a map of the ISP location.

Elapsed Time

The amount of time the user was authenticated.

Filter Users by Domain

To filter the table by a specific domain, in the upper-right corner of the table, from the View All Domains drop-down list, select the domain you want to filter on.

Screen shot of WatchGuard Cloud, Live Status, Authentication, Mobile VPN users

Enable or Disable Diagnostic Logs

On the Diagnostics tab, you can enable or disable the diagnostic level for authentication log messages. To maximize the number of log messages generated, enable diagnostic logs when you want to debug an issue.

Screen shot of WatchGuard Cloud, Live Status, Authentication, Diagnostics

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