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Avoiding the Acronym Red Herring:
Navigating Market Complexity to Fulfill Security Requirements

The network security industry is in a constant state of evolution, perpetually responding to new technologies and emerging threats. For every newly discovered cyber threat attack vector, yet another security product is developed to address the shortcomings of existing tools. The process is iterative, and the need for these security technologies is cumulative. Each new product developed is added to the security lexicon but rarely, if ever, are existing tools retired. This evolutionary process has been accelerated in recent years, as new products have emerged to address challenges such as mobile devices, cloud services, and advanced malware.
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PCI Requirements Mapping
WatchGuard UTM Platform

If you are in the retail or hospitality industries, it's important to know exactly how your network security solution maps to PCI DSS standards. This white paper presents a straight-forward review of PCI requirements and how the WatchGuard UTM platform delivers the capabilities you need to ensure mandates are met. Read on...

Advanced Zero Day Protection with APT Blocker

Malware is getting more sophisticated by the day and the number of cyber attacks are increasing at an alarming rate. Hackers are no longer just targeting large corporations, they have set their sights on small to midsize businesses as well. This white paper explains how malware has evolved and highlights why anti-virus and traditional sandboxes cannot be the sole solution in protecting a network. Read on...

Navigating the Challenges with Wireless Security

What could possibly supersede our basic needs for food, water, shelter and warmth? The answer is four letters: Wi-Fi! This white paper examines how Wi-Fi drivers like mobility, hotspots, IoT, and cellular offload onto Wi-Fi are shaping the wireless industry, and the unique security challenges that these drivers present. Wireless networks are more accessible than ever before, whether at home, the office, or through a public hotspot, but they are also one of the most common security blind-spots within any organization. Understanding the challenges of Wi-Fi can help you to take advantage of all that wireless access has to offer, without taking on any of the consequences. Read on...

Illuminate Shadow IT and Securely Manage BYOX

In addition to using personal devices for work, employees today are frequently leveraging cloud-based applications and other tools—beyond the oversight of IT. While this practice may increase workforce productivity and can help cut costs, it spells more headaches for IT. WatchGuard delivers the comprehensive network visibility and granular control organizations need to securely enable a BYOX workforce. Learn about the key risks for BYOX, and explore strategies and security solutions for embracing the business productivity aspects of BYOX, while protecting your organization from the potential security pitfalls. Read on...

Maintaining Strong Security and PCI DSS Compliance in a Distributed Retail Environment

It's not only critical that organizations implement the PCI DSS prescribed security measures, they must also be able to clearly demonstrate that they are compliant. WatchGuard provides multilayered security solutions and reporting tools, including PCI DSS compliance reports, that help support an organization in achieving PCI DSS compliance and keeping networks and cardholder data secure. Read on...

Policy - The Foundation to Business Security

Although setting up a corporate Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) can be daunting, it is the foundation to business security. This white paper addresses why an AUP is not only necessary, it also must be monitored and enforced. Learn how to effectively reduce risks and empower employees. Read on...

Cloud-based Web Security Isn't Hype: It's Here and It Works

Protect your company's valuable assets from web-based attacks with an innovative, effective new form of web security – cloud-based, reputation-driven defense. Turns out that this cloud-based protection can also help with your network's ever-increasing need for speed by significantly reducing web processing overhead. Find out how it works and why it's actually possible now to move the battle for web security off your web servers. Read on...

Producing Your Network Security Policy

This paper lays out a common-sense approach to writing corporate security policies that makes them easier to draft, maintain, and enforce. Our "question and answer" approach requires no outside consultants. Instead, you can use your in-house knowledge and resources to yield a brief, usable, and — most importantly — understandable policy document, in a reasonable amount of time. Read on...




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