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Managing security can be complex. Each MSSP (managed security service provider) and their customers have unique challenges and requirements that evolve each day. WatchGuard understands these needs and continues to deliver innovative and scalable solutions that enable enterprise-grade security as a service.

For over 20 years, WatchGuard has been a pioneer in developing cutting-edge network security technologies that cater to small to midsize organizations and distributed enterprises – the driving force behind the MSSP industry. With a flexible program, powerful products, and an ecosystem of technology integrations, WatchGuard MSSPs are empowered to leap ahead of the pack in an increasingly competitive and growing marketplace.

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A Flexible Program Catered to Your Needs

WatchGuard’s MSSP Partner Program, a classification within the broader, award-winning WatchGuardONE Channel Partner Program,
provides the flexibility and support needed to build a predictable and recurring revenue stream.

Flexible Payment Options - Get started immediately with predictable, recurring payments that eliminate the up-front costs of an annual contract.

On-demand Security - instantly enable and disable security services to meet your customers’ evolving needs.

One-Stop Resource - Access the WatchGuard Partner Portal to manage your customers’ service subscriptions, stay updated on the latest news, download customizable marketing materials, view self-help technical documentation, and much more.

Expert Support - WatchGuard provides extensive trainings and around-the-clock technical support so you can become the security expert.

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Enterprise-Grade Security That is Easy to Manage and Deploy

It’s in WatchGuard’s DNA to deliver advanced network security technologies that were previously thought to be too complex for small-to-midsize organizations and distributed enterprises. We take these enterprise-grade technologies and make them easy to manage and deploy.

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One Security Platform - Deliver total security in one powerful, easy-to-manage, and cost-effective appliance. WatchGuard Firebox appliances lead the industry in performance and include best-in-class security services that ensure your customers stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

Zero Touch Deployment - Avoid having network administrators on site to configure customers’ devices with the zero-touch RapidDeploy feature. Save time and resources for initial configuration and deployment of network security by simply shipping new devices to remote locations and having them automatically download templated configurations. Learn More >

Centralized Management - Manage all of your customers’ Firebox appliances with one centralized management console. WatchGuard System Manager gives you the flexibility to create policy templates from anywhere and quickly push them to multiple appliances using role-based tenants.

Complete Visibility - Instantly identify your customers’ issues, threats, and trends with WatchGuard Dimension, a cloud-ready, actionable visibility and management platform that offers over 100 comprehensive dashboards and reports. Consolidate reports and logs for all your customers to quickly distill information from a high level, as well as drill down for granular details, and then make immediate adjustments to policies through an interactive dashboard. Learn More >

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Cloud-Ready - Organizations of all sizes are moving their IT infrastructures to the cloud for better flexibility and ease of management, but when it comes to security, your customers’ virtual environments require the same level of layered protection as on-premise environments. WatchGuard makes it easy for you to provide industry-leading security to your customers no matter the infrastructure requirements, whether it is physical, virtual, or a combination of both – including private and public cloud environments.

Secure Cloud Wi-Fi - Extend enterprise-grade security into your customers’ wireless environments with WatchGuard’s feature-rich Wi-Fi Cloud. Easily scale from one access point to an unlimited number of access points across multiple locations, and manage them from anywhere with an intuitive mobile application.

Robust Ecosystem of Integrations

Since WatchGuard pioneered Unified Threat Management (UTM) in the 1990s, the cyber security ecosystem has flourished with complementary digital security technologies. WatchGuard partners with industry-leading technology companies to develop product integrations for easier deployments, stronger security, and enhanced management of your customers’ devices and services.

Bundled Offerings - Attach and upsell your solution offerings with Technology Partner product integrations, including multi-factor authentication, SIEM platforms, cloud applications, and much more. Each integration comes complete with a guide and technical support.
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Common MSP Tools - Out-of-the-box remote monitoring management and professional services automation integrations enable you to effectively manage and monitor your customers’ devices and services using common managed service provider tools.
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The opportunities are endless when working with WatchGuard. As a 100 percent channel-focused organization, we are dedicated to your success and will provide you with the technical, sales, and marketing support you need to ramp up quickly. Sign up now to become an MSSP Partner, and we can get you up and running in a matter of days.

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