Convert a Trial to a Term or Subscription License

Some of the features described in this help topic are only available to participants in the WatchGuard Beta test community. If a feature described in this topic is not available in your WatchGuard Cloud account, it is a beta-only feature.

You can convert a trial license to a term or subscription license during the trial period. All settings in the trial license transfer to the term or subscription license when you convert the license.

There is a two-minute delay after you enable a term or subscription license in WatchGuard Cloud before it cancels an existing trial. When the term or subscription license becomes available, you lose any activity that you complete on the trial during the two minutes (for example, add, extend, or upgrade the trial).

To convert a trial license to a term or subscription license, from WatchGuard Cloud:

  1. From Account Manager, select Overview.
  2. Select Administration > Trials.
  3. Select the tab for your product.

  1. In the Account Name column, next to the account you want to convert the trial for, click and select Activate License.
    The Activate License dialog box opens.

  1. If you have an available license, click Allocation to go to the Allocation page where you can allocate devices and users.
    For more information, see Allocate Endpoints or Allocate AuthPoint Users. If there are no available licenses, you must activate a license in Support Center.
  2. Click Close.

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