Upgrade a Cloud-Managed Firebox from Fireware Web UI

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes

Do not follow the steps in this topic if you have a locally-managed Firebox (you manage the Firebox configuration in WSM or Fireware Web UI). To upgrade a locally-managed Firebox, see Upgrade Fireware OS or WatchGuard System Manager.

In most cases, the simplest way to upgrade a cloud-managed Firebox is to use the Firmware Upgrade feature in WatchGuard Cloud. You can also use the local Fireware Web UI to upgrade the Firebox.

You can use Fireware Web UI to install an update that is not available in WatchGuard Cloud. This could include updates such as a CSP (customer-specific patch), or a component package.

In Fireware Web UI, you can select an available Fireware upgrade, or you can select a local upgrade file. If your Firebox is not online, you must use a local upgrade file.

Download an Upgrade File

To download an upgrade file:

  1. Go to software.watchguard.com.
  2. Select your Firebox model.
  3. Download the Fireware Sysa-dl (ZIP file).
  4. Extract the sysa-dl file from the ZIP file.

Upgrade Fireware

To log in to Fireware Web UI for a cloud-managed Firebox:

  1. From a computer on a network connected to the cloud-managed Firebox, open a web browser.
  2. In the web browser, go to https://<firebox IP address>:8080.
    The Fireware Web UI login page opens.
  3. Log in with the user name admin and the admin user account password you set for this device in WatchGuard Cloud.

To upgrade Fireware:

  1. Select Firmware Upgrade.
  2. Select the upgrade method.
    • To install an available upgrade, select it from the drop-down list.
    • To use an upgrade file, select I have an upgrade file and then select a sysa-dl upgrade file.
  3. Click Upgrade.

For information about Fireware Web UI, see About Fireware Web UI for a Cloud-Managed Firebox.

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