Services Reports

WatchGuard Cloud includes predefined reports that are automatically generated from the log message data from your connected Fireboxes.

Services reports show activity for security services enabled on the Firebox. WatchGuard Cloud includes these Services reports:

Report Description
Access Portal Report Summary of the most frequently used applications.
Advanced Malware (APT) Summary of the malware and malicious activity on your network that was detected by APT Blocker.
Application Usage Summary of application usage data. Includes applications that use the most bandwidth and have the most hits, and the top users and hosts.
Blocked Applications Summary of the applications used on your network that were blocked by Application Control.
Blocked Websites Summary of the websites blocked by WebBlocker.
Botnet Detection Summary of all activity on your network related to botnet sites.
Data Loss Violations (DLP) Summary of data loss violations on your network and DLP actions.
Intrusions (IPS)

Summary of intrusions on your network and IPS actions, organized by signature ID, activity trend, source, threat level, or protocol.

Reputation Enabled Defense Summary of Reputation Enabled Defense actions for traffic through the device.
Spam Summary of the amount and type of spam email detected on your network and actions taken by spamBlocker.
Virus Summary of the malware stopped by Gateway AntiVirus or IntelligentAV, organized by virus, host, protocol, and sender email address.
Zero-Day Malware (APT) Summary of the zero-day malware detected by APT Blocker.

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