Configure Firebox Network Settings

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes

To configure network settings for a cloud-managed Firebox, go to the Networks configuration page for the device in WatchGuard Cloud.

To open the Networks configuration, from WatchGuard Cloud:

  1. Select Configure > Devices.
  2. Select the cloud-managed Firebox.
  3. Click Device Configuration.
  4. Click the Networks tile.
    The Networks configuration page opens.

Screen shot of the Networks configuration page for a wireless Firebox with three networks configured

From the Networks configuration page you can configure these settings: 

To see more details or edit the configuration, click a tile.


Network settings define how Firebox interfaces connect to internal and external networks. The Networks section has a tile for each configured network.

Screen shot of the Networks tiles on the Networks configuration page

  • Each network has one or more associated interfaces.
  • For a wireless Firebox, an internal or guest network can also include a wireless SSID.
  • For Fireboxes with a 4G LTE modem, a 4G LTE network tile appears.

The tile for each configured network shows this information:

  • IP Address — The network IP address or address configuration type
  • Status — The 4G LTE network connection status for Fireboxes with an LTE modem
  • Zone — The network zone (External, Internal, or Guest)
  • Wireless SSID — The wireless SSID associated with the network, if wireless is enabled
  • Associated Interfaces — The interfaces associated with the network

For information about how to add and edit networks, see:


Interfaces correspond to the physical interfaces on the Firebox. The Interfaces section of the Network page has a tile for each Firebox interface.

The interface icon color indicates whether the interface is associated with a network.

Blue interface icon Interface is associated with a network
Interface is not associated with a network

To see networks an interface is associated with, point to View Networks below the interface icon. Each associated network is a standalone, bridged, or VLAN network.

WAN Settings

The WAN Settings section has tiles for Global WAN and SD-WAN settings.

Screen shot of the WAN Settings section of the Networks page, with Global WAN and SD-WAN settings configured

Wireless Settings

For a wireless Firebox model, the Networks configuration page also includes wireless radio settings.

Screen shot of the wireless settings tile

The Radio Settings tile shows these settings:

  • Frequency Band
  • Wireless Mode
  • Country of Operation

To configure these and other radio settings, click the Radio Settings tile. For more information, see Configure Wireless Radio Settings.

To configure Firebox wireless networks, see Configure Firebox Wireless.

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