About Fireware Web UI for a Cloud-Managed Firebox

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes

For a cloud-managed Firebox, you manage the Firebox configuration and monitor the Firebox from WatchGuard Cloud. On a cloud-managed Firebox, you can also connect to the local Fireware Web UI on the Firebox.

Fireware Web UI Features

On a cloud-managed Firebox, Fireware Web UI has these pages:

Device User Accounts

To connect to Fireware Web UI, you must log in with one of these device user accounts:

  • admin — The admin user can see the status of the Firebox connection to WatchGuard Cloud, and can use all features available in Fireware Web UI.
  • status — The status user can see the status of the Firebox connection to WatchGuard Cloud and can download a diagnostics file, but cannot recover the connection or upgrade Fireware.

You set the passwords for these user accounts when you add the Firebox to WatchGuard Cloud. In WatchGuard Cloud, you can also update the passwords for these accounts. For information, see Update Cloud-Managed Device Passwords.

Connect to Fireware Web UI

To log in to Fireware Web UI for a cloud-managed Firebox:

  1. From a computer on a network connected to the cloud-managed Firebox, open a web browser.
  2. In the web browser, go to https://<Firebox IP address>:8080.
    The Fireware Web UI login page opens.
  3. Log in with the admin or status user account, and the device password you set for that user account in WatchGuard Cloud.
    The Information page shows the status of the Firebox connection to WatchGuard Cloud.

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