Access Point Deployment History

Applies To: WatchGuard Cloud-managed Access Points (AP130, AP230W, AP330, AP332CR, AP430CR, AP432)

The Deployment History shows the initial deployed configuration of the access point and each subsequent configuration deployment to WatchGuard Cloud.

The deployed access point configuration can originate from the local device configuration, or the configuration from an access point site to which the device is subscribed. A Site label appears when an access point site configuration has been updated and has been applied to the access point. For more information about sites, see About Access Point Sites.

For more information about configuration deployment, see Manage Device Configuration Deployment.

To view the deployment history for an access point, from WatchGuard Cloud:

  1. Select Configure > Devices.
  2. Select a cloud-managed access point.
    The Device Settings page opens for the selected access point.
  3. Select Deployment History.
    The Deployment History page appears.

Screen shot of the Deployment History for an access point

  • Version — The configuration version. For a deployment that includes settings from an access point site, a Site label appears after the version number.
  • Deployed — The date and time the configuration was created (the scheduled deployment time).
  • Operator — The operator who scheduled the deployment.
  • Description — The description of the deployed configuration version.
  • Status — The status of whether the access point successfully downloaded and applied the deployed configuration update:
  • Succeeded — The device successfully downloaded and applied the configuration update.
  • Waiting for initial connection —The configuration update was created and is ready for the device to download and apply. This status shows for a cloud-managed access point that has not yet connected to WatchGuard Cloud to download the configuration.
  • Waiting for Device — The configuration update was created and is ready for the device to download and apply. This can happen if the access point is not connected to WatchGuard Cloud at the deployment date and time when the access point creates or applies the configuration deployment. The configuration is Pending if the access point is not connected to WatchGuard Cloud, or the access point is connected to WatchGuard Cloud and not ready to download the configuration. The configuration update is In Progress while the access point downloads and applies the update.
  • Skipped — The deployed configuration was superseded by a later deployment. If a previous deployment had the status Waiting for Device, and you deploy a newer configuration update, the status of the previous deployment changes from Waiting for Device to Skipped. This status updates to Succeeded or Failed when the access point completes the deployment.
  • If the access point is in factory-default state when it first connects and there is an access point site applied to the device during the Add Device to WatchGuard Cloud wizard process, the initial configuration includes the access point site configuration. If the access point is not connected to WatchGuard Cloud when the wizard completes, and then you subscribe the access point to a site, the updates skips the initial configuration and includes it as part of the subsequent configuration update.

  • Failed — The device could not download or apply the deployed configuration. This could happen, for example, if a device between the cloud-managed access point and WatchGuard Cloud blocks DNS or other traffic required for the device to connect and download the configuration.
  • Applied —The date and time when the device applied the configuration.

Deployment History Actions

You can perform these actions for a specific deployment:

  • Compare versions — To compare configuration versions to see what changed between them, click and select Compare Versions. For more information, see Compare Configuration Versions.
  • Deployment status — To see more details about deployment status, click the link in the Status column for that deployment.
  • View configuration report — To see a report of all settings in a deployed configuration, click the version number. Or, click and select View Configuration Report. For more information, see View the Device Configuration Report.
  • Revert to this version — To revert the site configuration to a specific version, click and select Revert to this version.

If a configuration from an Access Point Site is deployed and applied, access points subscribed to the site cannot revert to a previous configuration in their history.

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