View Fireboxes Protected by DNSWatch

After a Firebox has successfully registered to your DNSWatch account, it appears in the Protected Fireboxes list in your DNSWatch account settings.

DNSWatch identifies each Firebox by the name and serial number of the Firebox. The Firebox name in your DNS settings is the name from the Firebox configuration. The name might not be the same as the name of the Firebox in your account at

For each registered Firebox, DNSWatch shows this information about the external interfaces:

  • Interface — The name of the external interface that sends DNS requests to your DNSWatch account.
    If the Firebox has multi-WAN enabled, each external interface appears in this list. The name is the same as the interface name in the Firebox configuration.
  • Update Status — Indicates whether DNSWatch can update the interface information. A green check mark appears if the interface information updated successfully. A red cross appears if the interface update failed. Point to the red cross to see error details.
  • Network — The public IP address for requests received from the Firebox.
    If the Firebox is behind another NAT device, this IP address could be different from the external IP address configured on the Firebox.
  • Registered — This is the most recent date and time the Firebox registered with your DNSWatch account.
    If you reboot the Firebox, the Firebox registers again, and the date is updated.
  • Last DNS Request — The date and time the last DNS request was received from the Firebox interface.
  • Policy — The content filter policy assigned to the network.

If multiple Fireboxes or multiple external interfaces on a single Firebox use the same public IP address, DNSWatch cannot determine which Firebox interface was the source of a DNS request. When DNSWatch receives a DNS request from a public IP address used by more than one Firebox interface, the Last DNS Request time stamp is updated for all Firebox interfaces that use that public IP address.

For information about how to enable DNSWatch on a Firebox, go to Enable DNSWatch on Your Firebox.

To view a list of the DNSWatch DNS servers for each region, click DNSWatch Resolvers. For more information about DNSWatch DNS servers, go to About DNSWatch DNS Servers.

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