About DNSWatch DNS Servers

WatchGuard hosts DNSWatch DNS servers in these regions:

  • US (US East)
  • EU (Ireland)
  • APAC (Japan and Australia)

For information about the precedence of DNSWatch DNS servers over other DNS servers in your network configuration, see DNSWatch DNS Settings Precedence on a Firebox.

When you protect your network with DNSWatch, your local DNS server forwards DNS traffic to the DNSWatch DNS servers. After you enable DNSWatch on you network, you can see the IP address of the DNSWatch servers on your local DNS server.

If you enable DNSWatch on a Firebox, the Firebox sends DNS requests to the DNS servers in the closest region, based on the public IP address of the Firebox external interface.

To see the most current list of DNSWatch servers, in the DNSWatch Web UI:

  • On the Deploy > Protected Networks page, click View DNSWatch Resolvers.
  • On the Deploy > Protected Fireboxes page, click DNSWatch resolvers.

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