Modify Dimension Domain Settings

On the System Settings > Configuration page, you can change the domain settings for Dimension that you specified in the Dimension Setup Wizard. You can specify a different domain name and change the list of DNS servers that Dimension uses.

To unlock the configuration so you can make changes, click Screenshot of the Locken icon.
For more information about how to unlock and lock the Dimension configuration, go to Lock and Unlock the Dimension Configuration.

In the Domain Settings section:

  1. In the Domain Name text box, type the name of the domain to use for Dimension.
    For example, type
  2. To add a DNS server, in the DNS Servers text box, type the IP address for the DNS server and click the Add button.
    The IP address is added to the DNS Servers list.
  3. To remove a DNS server, from the DNS Servers list, select the IP address and click the Remove button.
    The selected IP address is removed from the list.

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