Lock and Unlock the Dimension Configuration

Before you can make changes to the Dimension configuration settings in the Administration pages, you must unlock the configuration. This enables more than one user with administrative credentials to connect to Dimension at the same time, but ensures that only one connected user can make changes to the configuration at the same time.

When you unlock the configuration, the configuration is locked for all other administrative users who are connected to your instance of Dimension. If another user tries to unlock the configuration, that user receives a message that the configuration is locked. Before another user can unlock the configuration to make changes, you must either lock the configuration or log out of Dimension.

If the configuration is locked, the Locked icon appears at the top of the page. All editable fields and buttons are unavailable.

If the configuration is unlocked, appears at the top of the page. All editable fields and buttons are available.

To unlock the configuration so you can make changes, click the Locked icon.
If another administrative user has not unlocked the configuration, the page is unlocked and you are redirected to the page. The unlocked icon appears.

To lock the configuration again and prevent changes, click .
The page is locked, any unsaved changes are discarded, and the locked icon appears.

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