Configure System Settings

When you ran the Setup Wizard to complete the initial configuration of Dimension, the interface settings for Dimension were automatically configured. You can modify the System Settings to change the system configuration details, specify the domain and time settings, configure settings for NTP servers, and enable Dimension to save a backup file to a remote FTP server.

The options that are available on this page for your instance of Dimension depend on the virtual machine platform you select.

To modify the system settings for Dimension:

  1. Select Screenshot of the System Settings icon > AdministrationScreenshot of the Menu icon > Administration > System Settings.
    The System Settings page opens.
  2. Select the Configuration tab.
  3. To unlock the configuration so you can make changes, click Screenshot of the Locken icon.
    For more information about how to unlock and lock the Dimension configuration, go to Lock and Unlock the Dimension Configuration.
  4. Modify the system settings as described in these topics:
  5. Click Save.

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