About Patch Management

Applies To: WatchGuard Patch Management

WatchGuard Patch Management is an optional module available with WatchGuard Advanced EPDR, WatchGuard EPDR, WatchGuard EDR, and WatchGuard EPP licenses. Patch Management finds computers on the network with known software vulnerabilities and helps you to identify which devices are susceptible to malicious attacks.

Patch Management compares the patches installed on computers in your network to a database of all updates released by software vendors and identifies any computers that run vulnerable operating systems or software. Patch Management identifies computers that have these vulnerabilities:

  • Microsoft operating systems and applications that do not have available patches installed
  • Third-party applications that do not have available patches installed
  • Microsoft operating systems and third-party applications that are end-of-life

For a complete list of supported third-party applications, go to Patch Management on the WatchGuard.com site (external).

After Patch Management identifies vulnerable computers, you can create and schedule tasks to install the available patches and updates. This helps you to minimize the attack surface and prevent malware attacks on vulnerable workstations and servers.

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