Review End-of-Life Programs

Applies To: WatchGuard Patch Management

End-of-life programs do not receive updates from the software vendor and are particularly vulnerable to malware and other security threats.

You can use the End-of-Life Programs list in WatchGuard Patch Management (or Vulnerability Assessment) to identify which computers in your network run programs that are, or will soon be, end-of-life.

We recommend that you replace end-of-life programs with a more recent version or a different program.

To see end-of-life programs, in Patch Management:

  1. In WatchGuard Cloud, select Monitor > Endpoints.
  2. Select Status.
  3. From the left pane, select Patch Management.
  4. In the End-of-Life Programs tile, click a number:
    • Currently in EOL — Programs on the network that have reached end-of-life and do not receive updates from the vendor.
    • In EOL (Currently or in 1 Year) — Programs on the network that have reached end-of-life, or will reach end-of-life in the next year.
    • With Known EOL Date — Programs on the network with a known end-of-life date more than one year in the future.
    • The End-of-Life Programs list opens, filtered to show the specified programs.

      Screen shot of End-of-Life Programs list

  5. To search the list, type text in the Search box, and click The search icon..
  6. To filter the list, select Filters, select an End-of-Life Date from the drop-down list, and click Filter.
  7. To see more information about a specific program, click a row in the list.
    The Program Details page opens. To return to the End-of-Life Programs list, click Back.

    Screen shot of Program Details page

  8. To export the list of end-of-life programs to a comma separated value (.CSV) file, click The Export icon..
    The file downloads to your computer.

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