Firebox Authentication Portal Integration with AuthPoint

This document describes how to set up AuthPoint multi-factor authentication (MFA) for the Firebox Authentication Portal so that users must authenticate when they connect to the Firebox over port 4100.


Integration Summary

The hardware and software used in this guide include:

  • Firebox with Fireware v12.10.1

Your Firebox must run Fireware v12.7 or higher to authenticate Microsoft Entra ID (previously named Azure Active Directory) users with the AuthPoint authentication server.

Firebox Authentication Portal Configuration for AuthPoint MFA

AuthPoint communicates with various cloud-based services and service providers with the RADIUS protocol. This diagram shows an overview of the configuration required for RADIUS authentication with the Firebox Authentication Portal.

With Fireware v12.7 or higher, the AuthPoint Gateway is required only to sync LDAP users and groups to AuthPoint. The Gateway is not used for user authentication.

Diagram that shows an overview of the authentication flow.

Before You Begin

Before you begin these procedures, make sure that:

  • A token is assigned to a user in AuthPoint
  • You have installed and configured the AuthPoint Gateway (see About Gateways)

Configure AuthPoint MFA for the Firebox Authentication Portal

The steps to configure AuthPoint and your Firebox are different based on the version of Fireware that your Firebox runs.